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Rules of accomodation in "Zarina" hotel

The terms of accommodation in the hotel

The hotel is for temporary accomodation for a period agreed with the hotel administration. After the agreed term of accomodation, guest is obliged to vacate a room. In case if you need to extend the period of residence, you should inform the receptionist at least 2 hours before check-out time - 12:00 local time. According to rooms availability administrator extends a term of residence.

Payment procedure:

  1. Rooms are available to guests upon presentation of a passport; for military people- identity card or military ID; for foreign citizens - passport, visa and immigration card.
  2. Applications for reservation are available in the prescribed form and accepted by telephone: +7 (4212) 27-21-21, +7 (924) 404-46-46, e-mail: hotel@zarina-khv.ru

    Through the hotel's website: http://zarina-khv.ru

    No reservation free

    In case of pre-guaranteed reservation, daily fee will be charged at a rate of 100% of the room cost.

    In case if guest does not show up, he will be charged full price of the room but no more than for one night

    Room reservation is assigned before 20:00, if you have not specified late arrival additionally and our manager could not contact you (because of guest fault) to specify the arrival time (wrong phone number, email address).

  3. Payment for accommodation and hotel services is made by free (contractual) prices approved by the leadership of SP (sole proprietor) Sabitova T.N. and charged in accordance with the check-out time - 13:00 local time of current day. Check-out must be done before 12.00. Extension of accommodation booked and paid over time (with no reservation for that room) is paid in the following amounts:
    • before check-out;
    • after check-out;
    In case of accommodating a customer from 12am and before check-out time, room fee does not exceed the fee for half a night.

  4. Guest's accommodation before check-out time in reserveded room is for free in case if reserved room is vacant and ready to be occupied, and guest did not make a reservation as "a guaranteed early check-in";

    "Guaranteed early check-in" is allowed in case of booking in advance; in case of "guaranteed early check-in" option, guest's accommodation in the booked room is allowed before checkout time under the agreement with reservation policy in Khabarovsk city (room is held for guest from previous day and till his arrival). In this case, "early tariff" is applied. It is calculated as follows:

    • after check-in;
    • before check-in;

  5. All transactions are made in rubles. We accept following cards: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, AmericanExpress, Diners Club international, JCB.
  6. Accommodation of children up to 12 years old with family is free of charge. Accomodation for children that are older than 12 years old and adults should be paid extra; breakfast is charged separately. Breakfast for children under 12 years old is free of charge.
  7. In order to calculate final payment considering discounts, following rules take place: discounts are available only through direct bookings through the hotel (without third parties' services or travel agencies); limited accumulative discount (20%); discounts are only offered for accommodation.
  8. Guaranteed time of check-in is 13.00.
  9. The room key is given upon presentation of a guest card.

Hotel Policies

  1. Residents are kindly requested:

    • care about hotel's property and equipment;
    • keep cleanliness and follow to established policies;
    • in case of loss or damage of the hotel's property, guest should reimburse the cost of damage in accordance with the current price list;
    • strictly observe the rules of fire safety;
    • before leaving a room, please, close water-taps, windows, turn off lights, TV, electrical devices, lock your room and hand over a key to reception.

  2. In the hotel is prohibited:

    • smoking at the hotel territory, including rooms (in accordance with the Federal Law №15-FZ from 23.02.2013). In case of violation of this obligation, the hotel has a right to impose a penalty fee of 1,000 rubles, or contact the police in order to report about smoking in inappropriate place. In this case, if the hotel will be subjected to administrative liability as a result of the above violation mentioned above - resident shall reimburse the funds in the amount of the fine that is brought to the hotel by the competent public authorities.
    • make noise and disturb other guests from 23.00 to 8.00;
    • leave outsiders in the room, as well as giving them a room key;
    • store bulky things, inflammable materials, weapons;
    • use electro boiler and electric range
    • rearranging the furniture in the room is possible only with the approval of the hotel administration;
    • pets and birds are not allowed.

  3. After 23.00 for other guests who are not staying in the room, fee
  4. In case of any damage for the hotel, you should be held liable .
  5. Money, securities, jewelry should be left in safe at the front desk or in your room safe (superior rooms and suites). Under this policy the administration ensures the safety of residents' personal belongings.
  6. The hotel is not responsible for the operations of urban utility services communication like shutdown of light, heat, water);
  7. In case of technical problems, smoke, fire, flood, and violation of hotel policies by guest, disturbance of public peace, usage of household appliances, hotel administration has the right of visiting hotel room without coordination with the guest;
  8. If there are any forgotten belongings, the administration is making efforts to return them back to their owners. If the owner is not found, after 6 months items will be sold.
  9. The hotel staff and residents should keep quiet and be mutually polite.
  10. The hotel administration has the right to evict people from the hotel in case of violation of current hotel Policies.
  11. After check-out procedure, guest should make a full payment for services provided and return the room key.
  12. Hotel opening hours - twenty-four-hour.
  13. Book of comments and suggestions is at near to reception desk, and can be given at the first request.
  14. Comments and complaints are accepted in written form and proceeded in a fixed period.

During your accommodation period, the hotel offers following services free of charge:

  • Ambulance call;
  • Usage of first aid kit;
  • Provision of iron and ironing board;
  • Wake-up call;
  • Provision of dishes and cutlery;
  • Provision of boiled water, needles and thread;
  • Mail delivery to the room;
  • Taxi, car calls;
  • Fax (receiving, sending);
  • Wireless Internet Service;
  • Registration of Russian citizens and immigration registration of foreign citizens;
  • "Buffet" breakfast included to room fee
  • Scanning;

For an extra charge, the following services are provided:

  • Additional breakfast;
  • Additional maid service;
  • Extra towels;
  • Laundry and ironing;
  • Transfer;
  • Reservation of conference halls;
  • Copying, printing;

We will be glad to assist you in any emerging issues.

Best regards, Hotel Administration.

Enjoy your rest!